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Early Bird Gets the Worm

We’re lucky in California, because it’s pool season year round.  But, not everyone is so lucky.  If you’re thinking that you’d like to replace your patio furniture – or even just chaise coushins, like I just did – this is a great time to buy.  It’s off-season so you can get great deals.  I just bought these from Target at 20% off!


Christmas Time is Here!

Ok, well not quite yet.  But, Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I absolutely love shopping for friends and family, wrapping gifts and seeing all the pretty little packages pile up under the tree.  When I was sixteen, I got one of my first jobs gift-wrapping at Soolip in West Hollywood, the paper Mecca in Los Angeles.

I know that, while I grow pointy elf ears every year around November 1st, the holiday season can be overwhelming for some.   That’s why we will be posting tips and tricks for managing your holiday shopping and events, as well as weekly gift suggestions.

My Gal Friday will also be here, providing on-call elves through December 24th to make your family’s Christmas magical.

Support MAP

It’s Curtains Fer Youz is donating 15% of all proceeds to MAP.  Please contribute here!




Westside: Best Holiday Post Office & Espresso

Maybe I’m the last to stop in but, I’m totally smitten with Cafe Luxxe (locations on San Vicente and The Brentwood Country Mart).  The espresso is totally yummy – tastes kind of like San Francisco’s Blue Bottle.  And, bonus, the Country Mart location is just two stores down from my favorite Post Office.  This Post Office is awesome.  There is almost never a  line.  And, when there is, you can multitask -  the wall on the left is a gift shop – - super cute and well made gifts that are perfect for buying, packing and shipping in one stop.  If you’ve already retired your Santa hat for the year, the right wall is a magazine rack.  Don’t expect to be able to get much reading done.  Seriously, you’ll wait longer for your coffee than to ship something (don’t worry, we’re not talking Intelligentsia lines, just your average coffee shop wait).

Christmas Anxiety Hitting Yet?

Of course, we’re always here to help you shop, decorate, party-plan, send cards & gifts and talk you off the ledge during holiday rush hour at the mall. But, in case you’re still wringing your hands, here is a stress reduction bedtime routine to use during the holidays and throughout the year:

Put on relaxing classical music, light your favorite candle and run a steamy bubble bath. Turn the bathroom lights off and just soak for 20 minutes. Breathe deeply through your nose and soak up all of the therapeutic aromas. My winning combination is: relax with the classics (don’t judge), Diptyque’s tubereuse candle, and lavender mineral bath soak by c. Booth. Towel off, put on flannel pajamas and boil water for tea. Don’t go for anything too exotic or pungent – try lightly steeped lavender chamomile (steep for 4-5 minutes before removing the tea bag). Crawl into bed with your journal and do five minutes of stream of consciousness writing. Put your pen to the paper and start. Don’t reread. Don’t edit. Just write. Don’t plan. Don’t create to-do lists, save that for your morning coffee. This is not productive time, this is wind down time. After five minutes of venting, put your pen down and pick up Swann’s Way for some leisurely, sleepy reading.



Bedside Carafe – absolutely perfect.

we love this nightstand carafe. perfect for warm summer nights. love. love. love. available at canoeonline.net!

Secret Garden in the Valley – “Classic Nursery”

Places like this keep me sane during hectic days. This picture does not do the nursery justice. It’s just, beautiful. The plants there are so well cared for, you drive down the gravel road and feel like you’re in the country.

Hi Mommies! Check these out!

This company was started by a group of moms with a great idea! These teething bracelets are made of 100% silicon – i.e. no BPA, PVC phthalates, cadmium or lead – safe for the babes! They are super cute and perfect for teething babies, dress up for toddlers or chewing beads for autistic children. Soft, adorable and super affordable! www.chewbeads.com

Container Store Opening in El Segundo

YAY for southbay!!