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Christmas Time is Here!

Ok, well not quite yet.  But, Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I absolutely love shopping for friends and family, wrapping gifts and seeing all the pretty little packages pile up under the tree.  When I was sixteen, I got one of my first jobs gift-wrapping at Soolip in West Hollywood, the paper Mecca in Los Angeles.

I know that, while I grow pointy elf ears every year around November 1st, the holiday season can be overwhelming for some.   That’s why we will be posting tips and tricks for managing your holiday shopping and events, as well as weekly gift suggestions.

My Gal Friday will also be here, providing on-call elves through December 24th to make your family’s Christmas magical.

Filing Tip

Filing is an art. One way to keep your files looking good is to use a label maker. It’s worth the investment. Those little labels will immediately upgrade your filing cabinet’s presentation and accessibility. But if you’re not up for it, we are!

Organizing Tip!

You wouldn’t believe how much money is lost in misplaced and forgotten gift cards. Buy a small storage bin for your home office – or wherever you pay your bills – and label it “free money.” As soon as you receive a gift card, put it in there! Having your storage containers labeled really helps you remember to put things in the right place! Set up your “free money” bin today!

Very cute rugby striped storage bin!

Check out this cute fabric storage bin! Perfect for keeping cozy throws organized and readily available during the rainy season.