My Gal Friday offers a range of service plans and packages to accommodate everyone’s schedule and budget restrictions:

Just the Basics:
Things are mostly under control – you’ve got your system going – but every once in a while you find yourself double booked! Just the Basics is a package of hours (10, 20, or 40) that can be used whenever that impossible task comes up. With this package, we have a two hour minimum per visit. We ask for 24 hour notice, but will absolutely provide flexibility for emergency situations – life doesn’t always give notice!

The Works:
Life is hectic. The Works provides a weekly 4 hour appointment during which we will:
1. Pick-up and put away groceries
2. Pick-up and drop-off dry-cleaning
3. Fill and deliver prescriptions
4. Refresh your Floral Arrangement

These services can be adjusted and swapped out on an as-needed basis – just give us a call and we’ll work it out.

For our clients with a greater need for assistance, we offer our Deluxe Membership service. This service provides you with an assistant on retainer for 40 hours per week. This service requires a 3 month commitment and offers a reduced hourly rate.

The Jet-Setter:
The Jet-Setter provides an assistant who will travel with you. Please contact us to learn more about our Jet-Setter service.